Adult Speech Therapy


Adults often come to therapy with a specific goal during periods of transition when communication becomes more important in their lives.  It may be an upcoming graduation and new job, career change, interview challenges, or a move to married life that brings you to therapy for the first time or back to therapy after a long “speech vacation.” 

Other adults may simply have reached a critical point where they want to make a change; they are tired of trying to be a “fluent speaker” at the cost of spontaneous communication.

Or, maybe they want to finally put in the work in order to talk in an easier, more relaxed way.  If they clutter, they grow tired of other people asking, “can you repeat that” or “slow down.”

After a careful case history and evaluation, SOS Speech Therapy can propose a therapy plan designed just for you which may involve a combination of individual and group sessions.

Teletherapy session

Avoidance Reduction Therapy

I am one of a few SLPs trained by the famous Vivian Sisskins, CCC-SLP, BCS-F from the University of Maryland who has created and promoted Avoidance Reduction Therapy (ARTS) as a way to move adults into a happier relationship with their stuttering.  Learn more about this approach at:


While Laura worked with me to improve control of my stutter through techniques such as mindfulness and stuttering purposefully in an easy manner, she also helped me challenge my negative automatic thoughts (NATs). This helped me learn that other people’s perceptions of my stutter do not always align with these thoughts. Laura’s speech therapy had a huge impact in improving my self confidence as a person who stutters both personally and professionally.


Getting Started

Appointment Hours

All therapy is currently through virtual teletherapy (in-person available to residents in or nearby the Olympic Peninsula) Hours are flexible to your needs.

Tues - Saturday: 10am - 6pm