Speech Therapy Services

Early Childhood

Family Centered treatment for preschool stuttering.

Initial consultation

to assess risk factors for persistent stuttering.

Multi-dimensional evaluation

of preschool stuttering and contributing factors such as speech, language and temperament.

Family centered treatment

using a variety of approaches individualized to your child and family situation.

Children & Teens

After a multidimensional evaluation, we will create an effective family centered treatment plan.

Multidimensional evaluation

Multidimensional evaluation to include file review, case history, analysis of speech, along with a careful assessment of contributing factors.

Family centered treatment

Individualized family-centered therapy based on your child’s unique profile 

Group therapy
Group therapy with other age-matched children when available and appropriate.


Individualized or group therapy based on goals and personal preferences.

Multidimensional evaluation

to include case history review, speech profile, contributing factors, attitudes and emotions. 

Individualized or group therapy

Individualized or group therapy based on goals and personal preferences.  

Avoidance Reduction Therapy

Laura has been trained in Avoidance Reduction Therapy for adults and will create on-going therapy groups. 

What if I am unsure if speech therapy is the right option?

We will provide a free initial consult if you want more information.  You will complete a case history giving details about the speech/language concern and possibly past evaluations and treatment plans.  We will review those documents and can offer a free consultation  up to 30 minutes to help make a decision if the timing for therapy is right.

Where are therapy services provided?

Therapy is provided at your convenience at your home, school or place of work through online teletherapy only.  Spotlight on Stuttering has moved to an exclusively teletherapy practice in order to allow our specialty services for stuttering to be available in a larger geographical area.

Does SOS Speech accept insurance?

Our billing relationship is with you. SOS Speech is currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. Once you have paid for services at our clinic, we are happy to provide a statement that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. ​Typically asking for prior authorization is required for utilizing an out-of-network provider.

Do parents usually sit in during therapy sessions?

Parent and/or family involvement is key to therapy success.  For many children that may mean a parent or caregiver being present during the all or part of the therapy session.  However, Laura is creative in finding ways to involve parents/caregivers who cannot be present during a therapy session.

How often is speech therapy?

We are flexible at SOS Speech and will try to accommodate different scheduling needs. 

Getting Started

Appointment Hours

All therapy is currently through virtual teletherapy (in-person available to residents in or nearby the Olympic Peninsula) Hours are flexible to your needs.

Tues - Saturday: 10am - 6pm